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The clown prince of the GOP has been on a roll.   Asking foreign governments to hack U.S. computer systems to out a rival's secrets.  Advocating violence against anyone who doesn't agree with him.   And now he's advocating violence against a possible future president.

Problem is, while it's tempting to just ignore him, he's a bully.  As his polls continue to drop his behavior will only get worse.  Eventually we'll have to call in the Batman, the only person with the skills to take down supervillain clowns.
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A good video explaining why a friend/relative's personal testimony isn't worth as much as rigorous research.   Nothing is perfect, we've learned some research in science is difficult to replicate.  But research builds a knowledge base, while anecdotes have the built in biases the video describes.
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I like Tim Burton, but Nick Cage as Superman?    
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Now that we've created extreme longevity in mice and created all kinds of great meds to cure their cancers we can download into one and complete the process.   Ok, maybe not, but it's a fascinating time to be alive.   I think I'd want a swarm of rats that could duplicate my mind as a group.   Rat pack to the rescue!
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Police officers need better screening and training.  Too many people are dying at their hands.   When most people have cop horror stories it's time for something to change.
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Just finished reading an interesting analysis of the Coso Artifact.   I'd heard of this before, a spark plug supposedly found inside a geode.   Turns out it wasn't a geode, though the original artifact has disappeared we still have x-rays of it.   It was identified by spark plug collectors as a 1920's Champion spark plug.

Why anyone would expect a spark plug  from an ancient culture to look the same as modern ones, or that they would even need spark plugs in their ancient vehicles is another mystery.  Typically archeologists would search the same area for other evidence, like ancient steering wheels.  Must be a real let down to find out your ancient spark plug isn't that ancient.
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My opinion of the Catholic Church hasn't changed after reading this article on enslaved Catholic women.  I continue to believe the church is a boil on the world's ass.   It's a tragedy that many excellent Catholics in and outside the church and their good deeds are painted in shit by the continuing shame that is the hierarchy of the church.


Nov. 9th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Brad Pitt does zombies.
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I have respect for anyone who stands up for what they believe without resorting to violence.

I'm pro-choice, but I support the right of pro-life activists to non-violently protest abortion clinics.
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He is!


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