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Feeling good this morning. Got to see John Leguizamo on Saturday, he was subdued but still quite funny. It was kind of a filmography of his career, with all the most amusing highlights. For a shorter male, John seems to have a habit of getting in fights with other actors. He admitted to getting bashed by Steven Segal, argueing with Kurt Russell (Just say your damn lines the way they're written) and Wesley Snipes (imagine them both in drag, ready to kick each other's asses).

John told us not to mix business with friends/family as well. Over all, he was very entertaining. I just wonder if he was hung over or something, what happened to the hyperactive guy we've seen in the past?

Also got to see Pirates of the Carribean on Sunday. I love Johnny Depp, he made the best pirate. The special effects were above par as well. Geoffrey Rush was also a good addition, the two actors hammed well together. Orlando Bloom made a good straight guy to Johnny's over-the-top pirate. I wonder if the second movie will involve our heroine with a little Jack, after all that rum on the deserted island, but then, can skeletons have children?

Got to play some games with friends on Sunday. All around good weekend.

Big Fish

Jan. 12th, 2004 11:01 pm
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Saw Big Fish on Sunday. I really liked it. Its a sentimental story about a father and a son. There's lot of great fantastic imagery and of course Ewan McGregor is eminently likable.


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