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I'm sick of the cold weather. I love Michigan's four seasons, but this winter has been a bit too chilly for me. All the snowstorms during rush hour have worn away my patience.

My job at the radiology call center has lots of perks. My main concern is I'm eventually going to get really bored of it, but so far its interesting. They are very flexible, so when I'm not taking calls I can surf the web or read, though I need to be careful. Some people on the boards I read use personal icons that could be offensive, and my computer is very public.

The medical terminology throws me. I wish they weren't so, oh, Latin! I'm slowly picking some of it up, but it will be a while before I understand what much of it means. Fortunately I don't have to understand it, just type it into the computer.

Been thinking about the song Love Stinks lately. Connecting with like-minded people can be difficult, especially if they are somewhat far away, physically. Seems like if S and I meet another couple they are either just not our type, or they are just a little too far away to have a close connection with. Some people become more guarded as they get older; we all would prefer to avoid the pain associated with disengaging from an unhealthy relationship. But....I still think its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved.
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I'm getting psyched about the new job I start on Monday. Nothing real exciting, answering phones and scheduling appointments, not exactly my dream job. But its a foot in the door at the U of M, which if I get a full-time position (its temp to perm) I would have excellent benefits as well as cheaper tuition if I decide to get a Phd, or even maybe a second master's degree. It would also be easier to get a job from their postings. They've posted positions for folks with masters degrees in the past, but I haven't gotten a nibble from them after repeated applications and resumes.

I'm glad I have a crazy cat like Mu-mu. She's still playful as a kitten much of the time. What she's not is a clingy pain, like some other people's cats. Ten minutes of affection seems to make her happy, though some days she's climbing over you to get you to play with her, which I try to do as often as I can. Would not want a bored house cat, after all.

Also excited about seeing some friends on Sunday. I think we are going to have a lot of fun.


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