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Ted Cruz wants you to believe he's human, because he wants to be the next president.  What he's not telling you is he's a 400 year old vampire with a magic ring that prevents him from burning up in the sunlight.

He was a conquistador, one of Ponce de Leon's men, and was cursed with vampirism after pissing in the fountain of youth. You'll note that his top aides never expose their throats. His tell is he speaks Spanish with an antiquated accent.   He does not sparkle, that's a lie promoted by Stephenie Meyer fans.
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Lifted from [livejournal.com profile] wednes, Iran ready to help out the President, Republican Senators.
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It's been a good year for some Elder gods.   
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Fate had it out for me this morning.   Our rodent intruder met his own fate as well, which was the main reason I left a little late for work.

Neither mouse corpse, accident on US-23 or people moving 15 mph on snow covered roads (Ypsi had a dusting, Ann Arbor had more) could keep me from getting to work on time.
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humans by Jeff's people and stuff
humans, a photo by Jeff's people and stuff on Flickr.

Those critters do the darnest things.


Nov. 30th, 2012 07:20 am
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donkey by Jeff's people and stuff
donkey, a photo by Jeff's people and stuff on Flickr.

That mission changed their lives forever.

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Karl by Jeff's people and stuff
Karl, a photo by Jeff's people and stuff on Flickr.

Karl's ability to catch birds by using the force never failed to impress other felines.

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Dr. Simian's patients were sometimes put off by his insistence that a prostate check was vital at every visit. Especially the females.

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bitslookalike by Jeff's people and stuff
bitslookalike, a photo by Jeff's people and stuff on Flickr.

If this kitty knew the details of feline reproduction she may not be that depressed.

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Old world kitty is multilingual. But like our domestic cats, she poops outside the litterbox to express her disapproval.

Bat slap

Oct. 12th, 2012 08:40 am
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I shamelessly borrowed this from Boing Boing. Evolutionary psychology is a crapfest of bad research, and that's not just my opinion, it's the facts. http://www.badscience.net/category/evolutionary-psychology/

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Wow, this looks familiar. That's a nice looking aloe, too.

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Borrowed from Slackitivist.

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An interesting article about Lord Curzon, loaded with historical tidbits.  What people don't know is he was a time traveler from the distant future.    He averted the disasterous invasion of the Selkies which had destroyed England is his own future.  I believe his time machine sits at the bottom of the moat of Bodiam Castle, the real reason he restored the fortification.
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It would seem a poor choice to call your project Skynet, unless you're deliberately being ironic.

I mean, why help speed up the coming apocalypse?   Skynet will not curry favors with any human, despite what those foolish astronomers think.

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He is!
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Bradley Cooper is one of those actors I love to revile.   But, he's no Satan.

There are many other fine actors who could have done this, Alex, why this wanker?

I would have been impressed if they would have cast Elizabeth Hurley.  She can do sensual evil like few other actresses.  I think Hugh Grant is partly to thank.
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Eating intelligent animals seems unncessarily cruel.  I'll pass on the calamari, thanks.
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Found another zombie movie for you!


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