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Fate had it out for me this morning.   Our rodent intruder met his own fate as well, which was the main reason I left a little late for work.

Neither mouse corpse, accident on US-23 or people moving 15 mph on snow covered roads (Ypsi had a dusting, Ann Arbor had more) could keep me from getting to work on time.
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The morning porter (think cleaning person) found a couple of Chick publications in the men's bathroom, had apparently never seen them before.  Chick publications are some of the most offensive you'll ever find, Mr. Chick is a fundamentalist with the brains of a pea, but the tracts are unintentionally funny much of the time.

We were left with "Sin City" and "Allah has no son", respectively illustrating Mr. Chick's terrible stereotypes of gays and Muslims.

I've found Jehovah's Witness pamphlets here too.  JW tracts are much friendler, with friendly pictures of a multicultural collection of smiling people in full color.
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I don't buy any of the stupid reasons people try to give me for being late.   Pagan standard time is the one that I have been told personally, though I've also heard Black standard time, Southern Standard Time, Hispanic/Mexican Standard Time, etc.   As well as being racist/classist, these are just B.S. excuses for rudeness.

Just stop it.  I don't want to hear your B.S.  If you don't have enough respect for your doctor, therapist, judge, or (insert other reason for an appointment)to be on time then I guess you don't get to see them, do you?
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I've been going to the gym now going on three months. I've really enjoyed feeling stronger. My only concern is I'm at my heaviest weight ever. Weight lifting is causing me to gain a little muscle, but I've been a eating monster as well lately. Fortunately spring is on its way along with a lot more physical activity in the great outdoors. I miss going for a walk, riding my bike or just driving with the window down.

At work this week I'm feeling left in the breeze. My trainer is off this week as well as the lead, the other person I primarily ask questions. Fortunately I haven't been stumped once today. We'll see how often I get confused, I think I have this job down pretty well, its just the medical jargon that some people use that throws me.
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I like the express shuttle system they have here at the U of M. I can jump onto a bus which will take me from one location to another painlessly. As anyone who lives near here already knows, parking is a bitch in Ann Arbor, especially around the main campus.

My only complaint is having to stand out in the cold to wait for the bus. I would have enjoyed the wait if it was sunny and above freezing. It was chilly and I had to wait 30 minutes for a bus that's supposed to run every 20 minutes.

I trained with someone who doesn't really have more knowledge than myself today. Hopefully she feels better, since I really didn't learn anything. I did get to see a cat scan machine. Its a bed with a big square device at one end with a round hole in the middle. The big square part moves over the patient's body. It does not cover the entire body, unlike the MRI, which they show on TV all the time, in which a patient is put inside a big tube.
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I can't believe we've got food thieves at the U of M. I know whoever took my pop makes more money than me. They messed with the wrong guy, I'm going to track them down, whoever they are. There's a special Chinese hell just for food thieves. People who take others lunches are lower than low, the cream of the crud.

Now I'm going to have to find a vending machine, and putting money in vending machines is against my religion (the holy order of the cheap bastard).

On a positive note, I'm feeling good about going to the gym. I feel like I'm as healthy as I've ever been. Thinking about going to a gaming convention. There is one in Toledo at the end of the month and another in Okemos in March.
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I need to get on the customers suck journal. I had this woman eating while she's scheduling an appointment, so I can't understand half of what she's saying. I withheld from screaming at her, but I really wanted to tell her to stop eating while she's talking to me!
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I'm sick of the cold weather. I love Michigan's four seasons, but this winter has been a bit too chilly for me. All the snowstorms during rush hour have worn away my patience.

My job at the radiology call center has lots of perks. My main concern is I'm eventually going to get really bored of it, but so far its interesting. They are very flexible, so when I'm not taking calls I can surf the web or read, though I need to be careful. Some people on the boards I read use personal icons that could be offensive, and my computer is very public.

The medical terminology throws me. I wish they weren't so, oh, Latin! I'm slowly picking some of it up, but it will be a while before I understand what much of it means. Fortunately I don't have to understand it, just type it into the computer.

Been thinking about the song Love Stinks lately. Connecting with like-minded people can be difficult, especially if they are somewhat far away, physically. Seems like if S and I meet another couple they are either just not our type, or they are just a little too far away to have a close connection with. Some people become more guarded as they get older; we all would prefer to avoid the pain associated with disengaging from an unhealthy relationship. But....I still think its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved.

New Job

Jan. 21st, 2004 07:37 am
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Started my new job yesterday. I watched another guy do the job while I listened. There's a lot to learn about scheduling and the computer systems, but I think it will come to me with time. They seem flexible about what we do with our down time, too.


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