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There seems to be perpetual anger arising from over-priviledged dinks who feel they have been slighted by women, gamergate is only the latest of these manifestations.  After listening to other women share their experiences on such sites as OkCupid I have some basic advice for the fedora wearing crowd.

1)  Avoid hun or baby when conversing with a potential date.   Some women don't mind, most find it offensive.  Anyone who has reached sexual maturity is not a girl, despite the title on the latest Country Music News.

2) Avoid sexual innuendo when conversing with a woman on a first date/first contact.   If you're on a date you've already made it past the first hurdle, you're already on her radar. If all you do is hint about sex all night she's not going to be impressed.  And you're a complete ass if you think mentioning what you'd like to do to a woman or complimenting their body parts is a worthwhile strategy on a first date/contact.

3) Do tell the potential date something about yourself, and I don't mean the size of your johnson.  Common interests are the lifeblood of a relationship.   Acting interested in what your potential date says is sexy, guys.  If you're only looking for sex there's a class of women you can frequent, they are called prostitutes.  Don't confuse a random person on the internet with a prostitute, they won't be happy.

4) Be a gentleman, not a douchebag.  A gentleman is gracious about rejection and understands that a NO now could become yes later.  Sending any type of message that expresses hostility and/or insults the woman will not make it more likely she will be interested in the future.   Treat your potential date like a human being, not an object of desire.   Only a douchebag touches someone without permission.

5) Advanced strategy for role-players.   On your first date pretend the woman is not a potential girlfriend, but instead is someone's wife or sister that you are merely entertaining for a friend.   You will be more relaxed and won't feel like you have to put on an act to impress her.

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